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Selfspective gives you the big picture

Tell Selfspective how you feel and we do the rest. You’ll find out who makes you feel good and where you feel best. Optimizing your life for maximum well-being is a viable option.

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Selfspective works with science, not fiction

Studies found, that self-perspective in subjective well-being is a must-have (PERMA model by M.Seligman). To create positive emotions, we need to improve our self-monitoring and self-reflection skills every day (Flow theory by M. Csíkszentmihályi).

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Selfspective makes you a more mindful person

Reflecting on your emotions regularly gives you a well-defined space for self-reflection. People confuse feelings with thoughts: only by stepping back from both can you learn the true nature of your emotions.

Selfspective is an application designed for humans. By humans.

Our good intentions are smothered by short attention spans, laziness and absent-mindedness. Our team is no exception, so by now we are experts at motivating each other.

The Selfspective Team

Selfspective was developed by a group of friends. Some work with software code and some work with human souls. Two psychologists, an awesome designer and thousands of lines later, we have a tool for identifying factors influencing our mood and well-being.

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